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Board and Owner Relations

Within a multi-ownership property it is the responsibility of a management company to provide effective communication with the Board of Directors and the individual Owners.

Foremost Management Services offers that contact in the following ways:

  • Provide monthly reports to the Board of Directors including but not limited to: revenue reports, rotation reports, and financial statements.
  • Attend the Board of Directors meetings and Annual Owners meetings.
  • Meet with representatives of the Board of Directors on a regular basis to review general operational concerns/challenges and communicate Owners correspondence and manager activity.
  • Communicate renting rotational status within the unit categories and strive for balance in the rotational system.
  • Assist in developing a monthly Owner newsletter which includes monthly revenue, management comments and concerns, billing issues, and general operations issues for the ownership.
  • Assist new Owners in the introduction and orientation of the property, their unit and the organization.
  • Provide communication and information to Realtors and Title Companies including closing and sales information.
  • Communicate with the Board with strategic planning and goal setting.